Friday, August 14, 2009

The Mod Goddess Guide

Life is a lot more complicated than when Goddesses ruled the world. Oh, ok, Goddesses never really ruled (the Gods invented patriarchy before they could) but they certainly guided. They were icons of dutiful worship, sometimes of passionate devotion; always influential in people’s life decisions. Their stories were celebrated, passed from mother to daughter, moulded into myth.

But do Goddesses have any relevance to modern women's lives? In a world of computers and cocaine, IVF and plastic surgery, lipstick lesbians and toxic bachelors, is advice from Aphrodite going to cut it? Can some dusty draped goddess from ancient Athens still have something to say to the 21st century girl?

Actually, not all Goddesses are Greek – every culture on earth has Goddesses in its spiritual history. And not all Goddesses are good. Like real women, they can be silly, spiteful, cranky, wicked... the tales of some Goddesses are cautionary ones.

Let's look at Goddesses from our global past and transfer them to the present. Whether they are Goddesses to admire or ones to avoid, their stories can help us all become Mod(ern) Goddesses.